The F Word: Females, Funding, and the Future of Startups
With half the planet being female, you’d expect a fairly even distribution of funding to female founders. You’d be wrong. Despite fundraising being at an all-time high (COVID notwithstanding), female founders receive around 2-3% VC funding annually, according to PitchBook. The irony here is countless reports and statistics show that companies with more women leadership and gender-diversity drive better innovation, increase productivity, and improve financial results. So, something is not adding up.

Now more than ever women are pushing for change in all industries, becoming more present and active in investment roles, and having a marked willingness to invest in women’s businesses. Initiatives like the WaiACCELERATE program by Women in AI help to bridge the gender gap and increase the representation of women as well as the number of female-led startups in the field for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This webinar is powered by Oracle for Startups, watch the replay as our panelists unpack the issue from all angles, including how the pandemic impacts it.