Scale your way with multicloud
"It’s not uncommon for leading organizations to need to move data to fuel high-scale data science work, such as model development, but many get a nasty surprise in the form of exorbitant egress fees. Oracle has differentiated on this front with generous allowances for free data movement and lower costs than its rivals for moving data at scale.”

—Doug Henschen
Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
Start scaling with Oracle for Startups
The questions to ask to scale without surprises
The right tools, team, and strategy can help you start to scale fast. Ask yourself these questions before you step on the gas and prepare to grow without surprises.
What startups should know about Oracle Cloud
Senior Director of Product Management shares the key functionalities of Oracle Cloud for startups and answers the question: Why OCI?
We can help you migrate
Startups are migrating workloads to Oracle Cloud infrastructure to save costs to enhance the security of their solutions. With a dedicated team of cloud architects, making the move has never been easier.
How Oracle Cloud stacks up
When it comes to cloud infrastructure, you’ve got choices. Discover the important differences between Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon for scaling startups.
We make it easy for startups to do it all

If you’re looking to optimize workloads and save costs while scaling your startup, you need a partner that will support your technology and your business. Join Oracle for Startups and get 70% off for two years with no vendor lock-in, plus access to business-building benefits like mentorship and more.
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